Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Three new stories from Renaissance Romance Publishing House authors! Book 2 in the Candy Hearts Collection!

My Summer Marriage - A fluffy look at the BDSM by Estelle Mars

When Hayley Martin sneaks away from her secret life as a world renowned submissive erotica author, her life changes forever.

Hollywood’s A-lister Dillon McGraw hides his true self as a Dominant.

When these two find themselves together on a private beach, will they give into their natural desires? After a night of drinking, they get more than they bargained for.

Can an accidental marriage fix or break these two when they barely remember who they really are?

A Season of Change - A walk back into a childhood story about missed chances by Lisa Bilbrey

When Meredith Murphy finds her world falling apart at the seams, she does what she knows best — runs away. She finds herself on her father’s doorstep with nothing but the ghosts of her past weighing on her shoulders.

Jonathan Wentworth refuses to stop fighting for her, no matter how stubborn she is. Will he be able to make her see that he’s not giving up? Or will Meredith lose herself to the blinders she’s put up?

The Apartment - A suspence leaving you guessing who wants Eve Hall dead by B.F. Betty

In his line of work as a private investigator, Sebastian Marks has seen it all. At least he thought he had until he meets international singing sensation, Eve Hall. When a stalker threatens her wellbeing, she begrudgingly agrees to move in with Sebastian.

Though neither of them is happy with the arrangement, they find themselves drawn to the other. Will they be able fight the growing attraction? Or will they give in to the passion sizzling between them?

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